Still Around

OK, so I spent a month or so coming up with the new site design and its been sitting idle ever since. Yes, I’m still around. I’m still trying to figure out what sort of items I want to post here given that all Apple/Mac related stuff has been going on the ACAMUG site. I’ve got a few personal projects in the pipeline and once I start banging on them details will be posted here.

I did recently dismantle a broken solar yard light and put the guts inside a hollowed out candle. If I get ambitious I’ll post some info or more likely build one from scratch.

One Response to “Still Around”

  1. Ken Workmnan says:

    Hey Dave:

    I’m still around too. (and a round too!) I’ve been a “Remember? “f user/an since……geez, I dunno, when did you write the first version? I’m glad I decided to check your Site and doubly glad you’re still around.

    The subject of solar lights got my attention. Have you ever found ANY outdoor solar lights where the sloar panels don’t turn milky white after a year or two? I’ve learned to save my receipts and warranty card but it’s getting tiresone to have to keep asking for replacements. I doubt if our satellites have problems with their solar panels getting milky! The old bit bit is still true: If we can send a man to the moon (although I wonder if that’s still a true statement) why can’t we…..[fill in the blank]