Web Browser for Mac OS 8/9 Users

It appears Comcast just modernized their web email site and in the process broke support for older browsers such as Internet Explorer for Mac OS. I have a few clients who still haven’t made the transition to Mac OS X yet (if it ain’t broke…) for whom this is a significant problem. Mozilla requires 10.2 or later, so the question was whether this is a deal-breaker or is there another “modern” web browser that still support pre-OS X Macs?

The answer happily is Yes! It turns out that iCab provides a version that works on Mac OS 8.5 through 9.x and displays the new Comcast web site just fine. It even brings other niceties such as tabs to the table.

At some point these folks will have to make the switch to OS X but at least for now it won’t be because of web browser compatibility issues!

2007-Jul-24 Update

1000x thanks to Gerry for his comment pointing me to WamCom:

When iCab doesn’t work I suggest trying the WamCom Mozilla 1.3: http://www.wamcom.org/latest-131

The person who has been using iCab for Mac OS 8.6 called complaining that it was not rendering some of his web pages very well and so far he’s very happy with WamCom.

He had one problem, it locked up when he tried to open Preferences. He’s increased the Preferred Memory size which we’re hoping will fix that.

2 Responses to “Web Browser for Mac OS 8/9 Users”

  1. sp says:

    You could use Netscape 7 as well.

  2. Gerry says:

    iCab is a good possibility for OS 9 Macs, but it still has some problems. When iCab doesn’t work I suggest trying the WamCom Mozilla 1.3: http://www.wamcom.org/latest-131/