Plain Text Messages in Leopard Mail

Maybe I’m missing something but it appears that Leopard Mail removed the old preference to prefer the plain text version for incoming messages over fancy HTML formatting. It still seems to be implemented, it was dutifully transferred when I updated to Leopard, but I can’t see any way to actually set it in the Preferences window.

For anyone who wants to enable this feature you should be able to do it by opening a Terminal window then type the following command followed by a RETURN:

defaults write PreferPlainText -int 1

or to turn it OFF:

defaults write PreferPlainText -int 0

Hope this helps.

2 Responses to “Plain Text Messages in Leopard Mail”

  1. a mac user says:

    just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for taking time to post.

  2. Albert Reingewirtz says:

    What gets to me in Mail is this. You are required to put in a subject or click Send anyway. It really gets to me! Why?

    BUt my biggest gripe is that Apple innovated big time with the iMac G3. I miss the adjustable arm. I keep the imac on a small platform to put the keyboard under like I did with the G3. I can non longer lower the screen to read at a decent angle. I have bi-focals and now my neck hurts.

    Z80 and CPM! You could multitask! slooowly. I remember it well.