The Next Remember? Update

When I wrote the first version of Remember? back in 1988 a maximum year of 2018 seemed like a pretty safe bet. But, here we are 21 years (!) later and it’s actually in striking distance. And a couple die-hards schedule things far enough in advance that bumping into it is becoming an actual concern.

Help is on the way.

The next update to Remember?, version 4.5, extends the upper limit to 2134. It also features improved file updating code to minimize the possibility of damaged occasions and automatically retains backups copies of the last few changes you’ve made to each occasion file.

It will still not be Intel native, that will have to wait for a bone fide rewrite. However I have verified that Remember? does in fact work on Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” if you turn on the Rosetta PowerPC support when you install/upgrade to it.

I don’t have a definitive release date for version 4.5 yet because I have a few more minor tweaks I’d like to include, but I’m getting very close. All of the above features are implemented and reasonably well tested so if you have a pressing need just let me know and I’ll get you a pre-beta version to play with assuming you are comfortable running pre-release software.

Thanks for your patience. Keep watching this site for updates.

13 Responses to “The Next Remember? Update”

  1. Janet says:

    I keep hoping that an iPhone Remember? app will surface . . .. Been using it since the very beginning (the dawn of time) and it’s still my fave. Thanks Dave!!!!

  2. Daniel G. Grau says:

    Hey, Dave.

    I use Remember? over a LAN to access an Occasions file on a server (I simply added an alias in the Documents:Remember? folder). This even works from my home though the Internet! (I don’t think this possibility is mentioned in the manual.)

    When more than one user accesses the same Occasions file using the above method, the Occasion types need to be made the same by copying preferences files, to ensure all users see the same names for each of the 32 types. You could add an “Export/Import Occasion Types” function. Currently, I do this by copying preference files.

    Also, since the “What” field is basically a blank piece of paper, one feels tempted to enter long notes in there. Unfortunately it caps out at 255 characters. Perhaps you could eliminate this length limitation and add an Expand button or a scroll bar, so the info displayed will still be compact.



  3. Dave says:

    Hi Daniel. There are Applescripts provided to perform a full backup/restore of all of the settings. They can be adapted pretty easily to just export/import the occasion types. That’s a good idea anyway so I’ll see about providing a modified set of scripts just for that.

    Expanding the description field beyond 255 characters isn’t going to happen in the current incarnation of the code. Too extensive a change.

  4. Bob says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve been a loyal Remember? fan since the beginning. Your program is the hands down best !!!!!!!!!!. Thank you.

    I hope you will publish an IPhone App Version of Remember? That would be the absolute Greatest!!!!!!!. Thank you again.

    All the best.

    Bob>^. .^<>^. .^<>^. .^<

  5. Peter says:

    Glad to know that Remember? is still being updated. It’s an essential part of my life!

    Thanks, Peter

  6. Allan Hunter says:

    Another long-term user.

    I remember when, instead of picking the hour and minute from a dropdown value list, it was entered (somewhat clumsily) on an analog clock representation. That was in one of its very early incarnations as a disk accessory.

  7. Dave says:

    Hi Allan. Yeah, the original Desk Accessory versions used clock face controls but they were too small and awkward to use.

  8. Allan Hunter says:

    It would be fun to have a copy of Remember from that era, to run in vMac Mini under System 4 or something. Con you into making it available for download?

  9. Peter says:

    If you have a use for synchronizing Remember? with iCal, then have a look at where there’s an AppleScript application which performs this task (very, very slowly).

    I’m so pleased that I can continue to use Remember? and still synchronize my diary with my mobile phone!

  10. Charles says:

    A long-term user myself, there’s one feature I’d like to recommend: a way to set alerts to pop up several days ahead of the event. By way of example, if my dental appointment is on Aug. 16, I’d like a popup alert to appear, say on Aug. 14. Is there a chance that such a feature could be implemented? I don’t see how to do so under v. 4.3 and earlier versions.

  11. Federico says:

    I’ve tryed the script of Peter and it works fine! it’s fast too! Thanks a lot, I would like to have Remember? on my iPhone, it’s only a dream?? Do you plan to make this app?? thanks

  12. Dave says:

    Remember? on the iPhone might actually happen. The iPhone OS 4 announcements included two significant features that I absolutely have to have: access to the system calendar engine and local notifications so my app could display alerts. I don’t know when, I need to finish Remember? 4.5 first, but at least it’s possible now.

  13. Dustin says:

    Not a current user, but I just saw in TidBits that the app still exists, and I’m glad it is! This helped me keep my life in order in the early 90’s, and was one app I told every Mac-using friend I had they had to have. Just happy to see it’s still around for other people to use!