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Remember? 4.5 Now Available

Friday, December 24th, 2010

It certainly took long enough but Remember? version 4.5 is now available for download! The most significant change is that the last supported year has been extended from 2018 to 2134 but it also adds the ability to save backup copies of occasion files when you add, delete or otherwise edit occasions as well as a few other minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

What is not included is a native Intel™ version of the application. That isn’t supported by the (ancient) development system I use to maintain the current incarnation of Remember?.

A few things you should know about this version:

  • It uses the same occasion file format as version 4.3 EXCEPT when events are scheduled for years beyond 2018. When those events are present previous versions of the application should refuse to open the occasion file but the best bet is to not tempt fate by running a mixed environment of old and new versions.
  • The new occasion backup mechanism saves copies of occasion files when you change them but the backup copies reside in the same folder as the original occasion file so it is not a substitute for a proper external backup plan such as Time Machine.

As usual there is no upgrade charge if you’ve already paid and there are no registration codes or other limitations on the application as it is still distributed as true Shareware.

I hope you enjoy the update!