Fun OS X Bluetooth Fact

So my Magic TrackPad suddenly stopped working after a year or so of use. Wouldn’t pair with my iMac no matter what I did. Tried resetting it, replacing the batteries. Nothing worked. Tried to pair it with my MacBook pro and same result. It might appear briefly as an available Bluetooth device but not long enough to successfully pair.

The last time I tried to reset it I noticed something odd: the Mac mini Git server sitting under the desk briefly woke up. Ah ha, the trackpad had paired with the mini and kept re-pairing with it every time it was reset. Sure enough, it’s listed as a device on the mini. No problem, just turn off the Bluetooth on the mini.

Did I mention it’s my Git server? Did I mention it’s a headless Git server, i.e. no attached display, keyboard or mouse? As it turns out at least on 10.6 you can’t turn off Bluetooth if there is no physical mouse or keyboard attached. Well you can but it turns itself back on after a few seconds.

A quick visit to /Library/Extensions, move the Bluetooth extensions to /Library/Extensions (Disabled) and a reboot and Bluetooth is well and truly off and everything else still works just fine.

And my iMac and the Magic Trackpad are bestest pals again.

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