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Remember? and High Sierra

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Remember? users might want to hold off upgrading to macOS 10.13 aka “High Sierra” for now. I’ve got a few reports of Parameter Error (-50) when saving occasions that only appear to have started with the macOS upgrade. I’m going to investigate it as soon as I can but I’m not sure exactly when.

For now you might want to avoid upgrading to 10.13 if you rely on Remember?.

UPDATE: There is definitely something odd going on in High Sierra. An OS call I use to update occasions files is suddenly returning Parameter Error (-50) even though it is used correctly. My suspicion is that with the APFS file system changes made in macOS “Sierra” and “High Sierra” support for this call was broken. The call in question is an older one that’s marked as deprecated so even if it was accidental breakage it may not get fixed. I’m going to try a workaround to see if it resolves the issue.

UPDATE UPDATE: I’ve got a provisional fix for the problem but I’m still testing it. If you’ve already updated to High Sierra and need the fix ASAP send me an email at and I’ll shoot you the pre-release version to test.

UPDATE3: OK, I think I’ve got it figured out. The problem isn’t with “High Sierra” specifically, it’s with Apple’s new APFS file system format introduced in “Sierra” and now supported for boot volumes in “High Sierra”. The upshot is: Macs using APFS for their boot volume require upgrading to Remember? 4.6.3 to avoid the “Parameter Error (-50)” issues. You can download the latest beta test version of it from the Remember? Page.

UPDATE4: There might be a problem with the current 4.6.3b2 development version, I’ve gotten a report of error -39. I suspect it’s a difference between the old and new develoment system versions (GCC vs LLVM for the techie minded) that I’ll have to track down. In the meantime don’t install version 4.6.3b2.