I am Dave’s About Page

This site is owned and operated by Dave Warker, by day a free-lance Macintosh software developer and sometimes in-home support person and by night generally a tired free-lance Macintosh software developer and sometimes in-home support person who still can’t seem to turn off his computers.

This site is run to support my projects and for my own personal enjoyment. Sprinkled amidst the update notices, new product announcements and assorted technical insights you’ll find purely personal posts on random topics and hopefully tidbits I’ve learned playing with simple hardware projects, assuming I can clear out a space to work on them.


I been developing Macintosh applications since the System 6 days and have written applications, extensions, control panels and device drivers for both the original Mac OS and for Mac OS X using both Carbon and Cocoa in Xcode and Metrowerks development systems.

In addition to development work, I have been providing on-site technical support for small companies and individuals for many years.

Prior experience includes: embedded systems programming at both the application and initial hardware prototype support level; writing and supporting core applications and OS level software for personal computers and communications terminals plus assorted other projects dealing with both hardware and software.


Way back in the mists of time an ambitious teacher (thanks Mr. Dunmire!) split his spare time between learning how to spell TILT on an IBM 1130’s front panel and giving a handful of proto-geeks hands-on time with an under-powered, over-priced, room-filling, absolutely mesmerizing machine (card reader, line printer, 8KB core memory, 1MB disk drive, 175KHz processor.) Four years at University of Rochester (snow, fussball, Bay & Goodman’s pizza, more snow, Bruce Springsteen concerts, even more snow.) A decade plus at some fairly interesting and fun companies (Delta Data Systems, Franklin Computers, Human Designed Systems) and the last decade and a half working for myself doing assorted contract work, for the last few years mainly writing assistive software for RJ Cooper & Associates to give disabled users better access to Apple’s Macintosh computers.

Computers I have owned, a probably incomplete list:

  • TDL Xitan S-100
  • IMSAI 8080
  • Atari VCS
  • Franklin ACE 100
  • Franklin ACE 1200
  • Apple Macintosh 128K
  • Atari 800
  • AMPRO Little Board CP/M
  • Apple Macintosh II
  • Franklin Kite (prototype)
  • BoGUS Board (aka the Franklin CP/M machine)
  • 80286/386SX PC clone
  • Amiga 1000
  • Apple rev B iMac
  • Apple PowerBook 180
  • Apple “Wallstreet” PowerBook G3
  • Apple Graphite G4 Tower
  • Apple Titanium PowerBook
  • Apple Graphite G3 iMac
  • Apple 15″ LCD iMac
  • Apple Dual G5 Tower
  • EPIA Mini-ITX M6000
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Apple Aluminum PowerBook
  • Apple Mac mini G4
  • Apple MacBook Pro