Remember? – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I create multi-day events?

    Yes, you can. Use the Duration pop-up menu in the Occasion editor to specify the duration in consecutive days for the event. For repeating events the duration applies to every occurrence. If Start/Alert times are specified they will be used for each day of the multi-day event.

  2. Can I specify Start/Stop dates?

    No, unfortunately you can’t currently specify limit dates for events. If I can work out a reasonable way to wedge this feature into the current code base I will definitely do so.

  3. What happened to the Holiday/Event collection downloads?

    Previously, I had several large collections of Occasion files containing entries for thousands of holidays, notable birthdays and historical events. They hadn’t been updated or verified in several years so for now I’ve decided not to post them on the site. If you want them desperately email me and I’ll arrange to get them to you.

(Still Under Construction)