Classic Software

Here are a few applications from back in the dark/golden age of the original Mac OS. These are no longer being actively maintained but are still available for download. I hope to eventually include source code for all of these projects as time permits me to package them up. Detailed documentation should be included in the actual download.

Desktop Screenshots 1.0.1

Redirect COMMAND-SHIFT-3/4 screenshots to the desktop (Mac OS 7.6 – 9.x)

Server Power 1.0

Enables automatic restart on power failure on some older Macs (7500, IIvx for example.)

Snow v2.4 for PowerMacs

Screensaver application that plays music and flutters flakes down the screen (Mac OS 7.x – 9.x)

Snow v2.2 for pre-PowerMacs

Older version for 680×0 processor based Macs (Plus, Classic, II, etc) and Mac OS 6.x