Software Written for RJ Cooper & Associates

RJ Cooper sells assistive devices of all sorts including hardware and software for both Windows™ and Apple Macintosh™ computers. I haven’t had anything to do with the PC side but I have written much of RJ’s Mac software. You can browse his main web site at and here are direct links to a few of the applications I’ve written for him:

SmartNav for Mac OS and Mac OS X

Head tracking using NaturalPoint™ hardware products.

SAM-X for Mac OS X

Maps switch and button presses to mouse and keyboard actions (I also wrote SwitchHopper for Mac OS.)

SmartClick for Mac OS and Mac OS X

Full control of your Mac with mouse movement only, no clicking necessary.

CrossScanner for Mac OS and Mac OS X

Control your Mac using only mouse button clicks, no mouse movement needed.

BigKeys driver for Mac OS & Mac OS X

An alternative oversized keyboard.

Biggy for Mac OS

Mac OS 7.x – 9.x control panel that provides oversized, animated cursors and more for the visually impaired.

KeyRead for Mac OS

A simple, but powerful, screenreader.