Version 2.3, released 2008-May-7

shareware $5 US, pay via KAGI

Mac OS X 10.3 or later

hotTunes provides convenient hot key access to routine actions you perform with iTunes™. You can Pause or Play (launching iTunes if necessary), skip between and within tracks, increase or decrease the volume, display information about the current track or playlist and rate your songs including half-star ratings.

The latter was the main reason why I wrote it in the first place. I wanted to make sure my iPod playlists were filled with more of the music I like rather than stuff I routinely skip when it comes up in the play rotation. Rating the songs using the iTunes Dock menu or the application itself was not partcularly convenient and so hotTunes was born.

Note that as of iTunes 6 half-star ratings are correctly displayed in the music library window (thanks iTunes dev team!)


New in version 2.3

  • Fixed Info window display for Mac OS X 10.4.11
  • Fixed cases where newly loaded key sets weren’t remembered
  • Simplified key set Saving and Loading
  • Default key set has been reduced to just the basic essentials


  • Now a Universal binary (native on PowerPC and Intel Macs)
  • Tweaks to track position display while skipping within a song
  • Artwork display
  • Background operation with no Dock icon
  • “Play Next/Previous Playlist” actions
  • Separate font preference for secondary info text
  • New greatly expanded collection of hot key actions including: show track times (elapsed, total, remaining), show track position, show playlist info, show/set volume, show/hide iTunes, play from a specific playlist, cycle through playlist shuffle/repeat modes, skip forward/backward within a track and set an arbitrary (0-100) track rating.
  • hotPlay for quick keyword search based creation of playlists
  • Automatically detects when the iTunes track changes
  • Execute AppleScript™ code at launch, quit and on track changes
  • Dock application menu
  • Expanded preferences to control what info is displayed and how long it remains visible
  • Stars instead of circles for ratings (hey, its the little things)
  • You can turn off the Greeting screen

Sample Screenshots


hotTunes is distributed as non-coersive, old-school shareware: after a two week trial period if you decide to keep using it I ask that you pay a $5(US) shareware fee but there are no built-in limitations or registration codes of any sort to force you to do so.


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