Word Path

Version 1.0

99¢ in the App Store

iPhone OS 2.2.0 or later

Word Path is a casual but addictive word search game. The goal is simple: from a large, scrolling grid of randomly chosen letters remove as many words as you can find. A word’s path through the grid doesn’t have to be strictly horizontal, vertical or diagonal; it can twist, turn and cross over itself and the grid boundaries.

Rearrange the letters by “sliding”, “scrambling” or “compacting” part or all of the grid. And you can undo your last action if you change your mind.

Use the grid overview for easy navigation on large grids, or change the screen orientation for a fresh perspective and the letters will rotate to match.

Tracks recent and long term game stats and the words used in the current game.

Choose from two word lists, three difficulty levels and three letter grid sizes. There are also three on-screen letter sizes for ease of viewing.


  • Large, scrollable, wrap-around letter grid
  • Scramble, slide and compact assists; one level of Undo
  • Grid overview for quick access to any portion
  • SOWPODS and extended TWL 2006 word lists
  • Bonus points for long words, avoiding assists
  • Save a snapshot photo of game stats

Sample Screenshots


Word Path is available for the iPhone and iPod touch through the iTunes App Store.

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